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What a way to kick start the week, receiving the email from WeAreTheCity, saying out of THOUSANDS of nominations little, old Sophie has been shortlisted to the final 10 for the Entrepreneurs & Start-Up's award. The winners will be announced on 11th May 2020 & will be invited to the award on 2nd October in London. It would mean the world to me to have your support, love & votes. I would be forever grateful. You can hit the picture below to take you to the voting page. If you have a laptop the page loads a LOT better. 

THANK YOU, so much!

As you know I pure my heart & soul into my work. I know so many wonder, what do I actually do? The truth is I never really stop. I am always thinking of ways to inspire, empower & help as many people as I can using a range of platforms & always trying to think outside of the box. 

Social media is AMAZING, but it also means that I rarely unplug or disconnect. I am always on with something. Always brain-storming, always mind-mapping. 

There isn't a holiday from chronic illness and there isn't a clock on or off when it comes to a business that runs off social media and online. BELIEVE ME.

Talking of working around the clock. 

I have created & put together a Lockdown Glow-Up E-book. Full of self-development work, encouraging routines & healthy habits during this unknown and stressful time. I have listened and taken into account everything people were struggling with during isolation & created a form of content that you can work through, focus on & help you use this time wisely in a FUN way. 

You can take a peek inside a few pages via the images below and hit the first picture to purchase yours!

The e-book is made up of 27 pages:

- Holding you accountable when it comes to self-care.

-Helping you begin to learn more about yourself & rediscover yourself. 

-Encouraging routine & healthy habits. 

-15 ways to combat depression & examples. 

-19 lists to make when you are feeling overwhelmed, to calm anxiety. 

-Educating you on all the different pillars of self-care. 

-Your own personal gratitude diary.

-Sneaky self-love exercises. 




Customers are already giving me amazing feedback, and I am so thankful to them for their support. It means the world to me to see them using my content, enjoying it & growing from it!

That is what it is all about. There is so much we can't control, but there is also so much we can control & that is the mindset shift I want to help people achieve. Switching a negative into a strong positive.

Let's make this week a good one, remind yourself of the power you have in your hands. 

Sophie xoxo


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