Self-Development -Poem

I found my peace in a place I ran from every day, 

The fear of being selfish some would say, 

But how can I help you see, 

If I can't free me, 

I took a step back, 

What did my life lack?

The excitement had gone & the motivation was low, 

I was moving so slow, 

I looked for signs everywhere, 

Often leading to despair, 

Yourself to others you shouldn't compare, 

Just offer all you can and fill the world with the love you want to share, 

From dreams to moving forward- it was a blur, 

Into my shoulder negative words to myself I would slur, 

For I felt I served no purpose only existing not living, 

Myself I was never forgiving, 

We can't control many things it seems, 

But we DO have control of our dreams, 

We are given two choices to take the risk and go, 

Or play the victim and feel low, 

Life is short and so incredibly precious so take the time to see, 

This is the time to find 'me', 

It isn't selfish but empowering, 

In kindness and motivation- you I am showering, 

For me- I am rebuilding my walls, 

Owning my flaws, 

Realising there is more to life than being defined by a label or my health, 

I already have all the wealth, 

The friends and close circle with me for the ride, 

Always and forever by my side, 

Through all the storms we weather, 

Strong together, 

I have rewritten my CV into the girl I want others to look up to, 

You can do this too, 

What is in your way?

Don't care what they say, 

Your worth isn't defined my social media or what others may say, 

You work on yourself everyday, 

To become the person you want to shine, 


The phrase with so many mixed and coded messages to unlock, 

Negative energies choose to block, 

For you know you, 

And all the work you do,