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The World Opens Up For Business

The World Opens For Business

The world returns to a world that feels alien to us all,

How will we handle it all?

Surprises on your journey it will show,

It is so lovely to see faces once again smile,

Feeling once again free,

But at the world to them now is so very different you see,

Once a moaner & expecting everything from life,

We hit reality& it cut us like a knife,

That our worlds can be flipped upside down over night,

A wall built up around us that we didn't see in sight,

The world fell silent & dark,

Our full lives lost their spark,

Nothing in life should be taken for granted,

At our loved ones we ranted,

So close with no air to breathe you felt,

Not knowing what card life to us had dealt,

Life is a mystery you have to know,

Surprises to us it does love to show,

How will we rebuild from here,

Have we learnt to keep our loved ones near?

Have we learnt the art of gratitude,

Have we changed our attitude?

For now you see we sit and wait,

Trust in fate,

This has been a key lesson for us all,

We all need to stop and stall,

We were all guilty f being caught up in the rush,

Through so much we did push,

We needed to be silent & slow,

To do some work on ourselves so we can glow,

I want you to know,

It is now time for you to show,

Life, how you have grown,

Through this storm - strength you have shown,

Be proud,

Don't be loud,

But celebrate you,

Who you have grown into,

Life has a weird way,

Of teaching us some may say.

Sophie xoxo


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