HAPPY FRIDAY, the weekend is almost here and that means I am ever closer to escaping this awful RAIN, WIND & COLD weather for the Alicante sun-shine. 

I wanted to update you all before I jet off though. As this week, I have been doing a lot of re-branding, organising and trying to take my business to the next level. Always at the front of my mind is creating the BEST service and content I can to you. I am always learning - I am not a pro. So, YES I make a lot of mistakes but I am always willing to learn. I am always asking for advise, looking at ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

So, this week I have focused on making my Sophantastic Travel Facebook Group a hub of value. I loved bringing you all amazing deals every day which I will continue to do, but I will also be mixing it up by adding check lists, hacks, airport advice and useful printable & downloadable files. I want the group to become more interactive with polls and from my end, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and hosting 'lives' and posting videos.  I wanted these tools to only be accessible to the members within my group because I appreciate all the support they give me. 


Don't panic.. 

Members can invite people & you can request to join!

What can you expect for being a member?

1. Amazing deals 

2. Travel checklists to help you stay organised and calm

3. Airport hacks

4. Travel hacks

5. Bucket list tracker 

And much more... 

I will also be opening up 5 slots for 1-1 coaching a month on how to kick start their own travel businesses, train to become an agent, working your own hours & being your own boss. 1-1 coaching is very important to me and that is why I am I am keeping it very personal. 

If you are interested, want more info and to save your space. Message me and I will get straight back to you! 

Like I say, I have lots more value to add to the group but I am a team of one and time often runs away from me. 


As everything should be - a working progress, every day building, learning, developing and we shouldn't ever stop that. 

I have 76 amazing members so far and I can't wait to welcome more of you into Sophantastic Travel

When building this new model, re-branding and setting my goals for my business I had to remind myself of my 'why.'

- To book people the trips of their dreams.