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As we all strive to eat better, cleaner and often or not due to our health we have to watch what we eat. However, the eating & food shopping experience is Spain is completely different to England. 

The SUPER-markets are jam packed with everything you want, need and MORE. You can get lost for hours. From TVs, to baby clothes, to your fresh melon. It is pretty insane. These supermarkets aren't just in the big cities, you can find a range of different stores within walking distance. Which again, it is so nice to stroll to the shops and not think about hopping into a car. Again, good for your mental & physical health. You step away from work, escape the same four-walls and YES it isn't a 'special outing' or anything exciting but you got in some exercise and fresh air. 


The markets which run every Thursday & Saturday in the summer season and Saturday in the winter season is where it is at. Opening at 10am, you need to get in there quick as the crowds quickly build up. As people walk down with their trolleys and begin to purchase FRESH food for the week. From MASSIVE, juicy fruits, LARGE, nutritious veggies, SOFT, fresh breads and FRESH, off the bone meat. You can also buy your roast chicken that has been freshly cooked from the market. IMAGINE that! A roast without the faff of cooking it for hours. Especially if you are entertaining. 

You even had the men coming down for fresh flowers to take home and women buying gorgeous flower displays for their dining tables. The hustle and bustle, the sun beaming down as you leisurely stroll through the markets is a pleasant change from the 'supermarket sweep' that normally takes place at home. The quicker we can get everything in the trolley, paid and out the better. It isn't the case here. Mama and I enjoy soaking up the life & immersing ourselves into the Spanish lifestyle. 


What goodies can you expect & you should load up on?


1. Papayas: Not just juicy and tasty ( especially with some extra added cinnamon ) but what are the health benefits?

- Improves digestions

-Prevents against heart disease

-Helps treat arthritis

-Improves complexion

-Boosts the immune system

-Prevents cancer

-Helps treat hypertension

I always load up on Papayas on my trips to Spain, having one almost every morning for breakfast with cinnamon and berry. YUMMY.

2. Melon: Jam-packed with flavour compared to the watery flavour you get over here in England.  But what are the health benefits?

- Reduces high blood pressure

-Reduces blood glucose levels for people suffering from diabetes.

- Helps lung, heart & eye health

-Reduces the risk of cancers

-Boosts the immune system

Melon and Parma ham is a fave starter choice for many of you and it is on most menus. Take advantage of this and enjoy the juicy, freshness. 

3. Strawberries ( YES I am allergic to strawberries but you can't miss out on these MASSIVE berries on offer on the market. )

-Anti-aging properties

-Reduces blood pressure

-Helps burn stored fat

-Boosts the immune system

-Support pre-natal health

-Reduces inflammation


4. Peppers: So large, they are like my dream. They are in my salads EVERY-day. 

- Anti-inflammatory properties

-  Cures anaemia (maybe why my red bloods cells are the only element in my body that is normal on my bloods!)

-Prevents cancer

-Promotes a healthy heart

5. Tomatoes: Mama and I LOVE a good beef tomatoes and boy do they have some BIGGIES, BUT I do love grabbing a range of tomatoes we don't always have access to over here due to our climate. So black, green, yellow and orange are all in the trolley and decorate my salads. EAT THE RAINBOW, RIGHT!

-Promotes healthy skin

-Boosts the immune system

-Purifies your blood ( magical!)

-Improves bones

-Reduces migraines


6. Broccoli: OH, I love Broccoli but it is often difficult to find a full and big one in our supermarkets. BUT for as little as $1 you can take home a tree and a half of the veg! It really is the tree of life with it's benefits. 

-Natural anti-biotic


- Great source fibre

-Rich in calcium

-Keeps skin young and glowing

-Great source of iron

-Cleanses intestines  

7. Celery: The celery sticks were out of this world. In the summer, there is no excuse not to add these with your pre-dinner dips, your salads or just as a little snack to nibble on. 

- Rids kidney & gallstones

-Assists migraines

-Aids digestion 

-Calms nerves 


8. Cucumbers: So many people dismiss cucumbers and often decide against adding them into their salads but with the health benefits they deserve place in our salads. 

-Promotes digestion

-Rehydrates the body ( great for sun)

-Relieves joint pain

-Controls blood pressure

-Cures diabetes 

9. Cauliflower: I struggle to digest cauliflower, and especially  raw it is too much on my stomach. I know the health benefits however and I do try to add a little bit into my diet, steamed everyday. 

-Helps bladder & kidney disorders

-Rich in fiber

-Promotes healthy cell growth ( key in people with auto-immune diseases) 

-Detoxifies your liver and blood ( again KEY for people battling viruses, infections and chronic diseases.)

-Reduces the risk of cancer. 

10. Mushrooms: there are a lot of varieties, and please explore them all. They are all packed with amazing minerals and vitamins. 

-High in vitamin D

-Contain B vitamins

-Improves immune health 

-High in iron