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So, it has been a while since I sat down & wrote on my blog. In today's chaotic world it is becoming more & more difficult to simply balance everything. Let, alone find the motivation.

Through this tough and taxing time I have spent hours trying to make all the negatives into positives & keep my sanity. Whilst helping others along the way.

The last few weeks have been a time I have spent going back to the drawing board & gaining new skills. Broadening my skill set.

I saw one of my best friends a few weeks ago & of course we dived into what was going on in the world & how we were coping. I love her to pieces & she told me how I could help people through this tough time because I have done it so many times before through my charity work . Giving people the inspiration & tools to work towards their goals.

At first I doubted myself.

I know I share my journey openly on social media platforms to help people relate, find comfort & feel less alone. I realised how much of my days I spend creating content, answering messages, offering advice & working on projects. That yes, my friend was right I needed something more concrete in place. To help my own life balance but also gain further skills so that I could help people in a more professional & structured manner. Keeping track of their progress & watching them blossom.

So, Sophie being Sophie got straight down to it. How could I make this idea a reality & make it work. I enrolled in a number of courses through the Open University & began learning how I could best serve & help people.

It has helped me build over the last few weeks a plan of action & I have learnt so much through the courses I have taken on. I have begun working with some clients struggling with their careers & it has been a joy to help them balance their daily lives, create healthy habits which has motivated them to gain more skills & has helped them achieve business success. We dive into how to ensure they are organised with content for social media ( free marketing ) & all the paperwork needed to ensure everything is done by the book & in writing.

It has been so much fun & amazing to watch clients go from lost, confused & stuck to motivated & excited about their future despite everything going on. It is also helping me keep empowered & fighting too.

I now offer:

A One of Rocket Launch 1-1 hour's session for £30

A Six Success Sessions package 1-1 an hour each time for £30 per session.

Within these sessions we will discuss:

Rocket Launch:

  • We discuss goals which you want to work towards

  • We discuss how the six success sessions can help you

  • We break down emotional & physical issues that you are troubling you

  • We discuss personal & career hurdles

  • How coaching & mentoring can benefit you

Six Success Sessions:

  • Extra worksheets & tasks to complete during each session

  • Focusing on all areas of your life

  • Encouraging & empowering sessions

  • Working on personal & career goals

  • Addressing short & long term goals

  • Improving emotional & physical health

  • Going into more depth on important topics

  • Sessions bespoke & tailored to you

There will be a LIMITED availability, because your girl has to balance everything herself.

So, please message me, or email me: if you are interested or you know someone who just really needs a pick me up right now.

We all have to come together during this hard & tough time.

On a lighter note SERIES 4 of Chronic But Iconic will be coming out on MONDAY 5TH OCTOBER.

With a new episode weekly right up until Christmas.

So, get ready for brand new episodes diving into tricky life topics.




Your votes count!

It would mean the world to me to have your support & votes..

Voting closes on the 1st October:

You can vote via the link below..

The category is BEST OF THE BEST, then BEST PODCAST!

This award means everything to me as it 10000 per cent is a joint award. I have been blessed to have amazing guests on the podcast who have made Chronic But Iconic the success it has become. So, I really, REALLY can't thank you enough! It is just such an honor to be shortlisted & for you all to be loving the content I put out.

Head over to my Instagram: @sophiewardy where I am changing up my content a little & trying to provide LOTS & LOTS of value during this time.

Once again, thank you for your support!!

Word always fail me. You know where I am, I am always only a message away.

You aren't alone, we are all in this together .

Sophie xoxo


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